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[ROM][Galaxy S3][Post Ingles] InsertCoin Evolution 1.2.0 | AROMA | FAST | STABLE | JB


License Agreement

1. Suggestions are always welcomed but I hate requests - you want something so bad do it your self or ask Sammy. you paid them not me.

2. Don't ask for ETA is rude and offensive. When is done is done.

3. Custom Roms come without warranty. They are tested before release but something always can go bad. So if you broke your phone or you got fired because the alarm didn't rang - IT IS NOT MY PROBLEM! 

4. Support is limited. Sometimes i can answer your questions sometimes i don't have the time, sometimes i don't have an answer so please do no repeat your question or get offended because I haven't answered you 

5. Don't compare roms. Is rude and offensive for chefs. if other rom has what you need, use that rom.

6. You can use any parts of the ROM as you please. You can even kang the rom and make "your" ROM. I really don't care
By using the rom you agree with the above terms!


- Custom Recovery!

What you get:

based on JellyBean I9300XXDLIB
Deodexed, Recompressed & Zipaligned
Rooted with the latest SuperSu & binary
Persistent ADB enabled
init.d runparts support
Busybox, bash & nano
Sysrw & Sysro binaries
Launcher prioritization
Improved Ram management
Multilingual - Full WWE locales list
Interactiva AROMA Installer (Flashing routine)
Enhanced I/O performance
Ensured Journalism is disabled
Partition mount tuneups
EXT4 filesystem tuneups
Apps cache cleaned on boot
Faster application loading times
Bloatware FREE
Tons of optimizations
Stuff I've forgot

Download & Changelog


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Special Thanks to:

show-p1984, j4n87, LeeDroid, hamdir, franciscofranco, omniw0lf, snq-, mudhi , Ace, deagleone, europn, septik, blubbers, NRGZ28, Meltus, schoolsux, Scabes, MarcoHD, football, mike1986.

And everyone who contributed somehow to the dev community
If i forgot anyone please let me know 

Androtoall España

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